25 May 2023 News-Test

CCB Medical Device recently hosted its highly anticipated 2023 Annual Dinner, taking guests on a vibrant journey to Hawaii. Held on March 18, 2023, at the esteemed CCB Medical Devices Sdn Bhd in Penang, the event was a sensational success, filled with captivating activities and cherished moments.

The evening commenced with a mesmerizing lion dance performance, symbolizing good luck and prosperity while driving away negative energies. Dr JS Khaw, the Director of CCB Medical Device, delivered an uplifting opening speech, expressing gratitude to the employees for their outstanding contributions.

The festivities officially began with a grand opening ceremony led by Mr Khaw Tian Yew, the esteemed Managing Director, and Dr Khaw, showcasing their dedication to the company’s success.

A highlight of the evening was the Long Service Award Presentation, honoring employees with six and eight years of service, recognizing their dedication to the company’s growth. The talent performance competition brought further excitement, with four remarkable group performances leaving the audience in awe.

The Lucky Draw added to the thrill, awarding ten lucky winners with exciting prizes. The second session of the Long Service Award Presentation recognized employees with ten and twelve years of service, reflecting their exceptional commitment.

The Best Dressed competition celebrated employees’ fashion sense, while the talent performance competition continued to captivate with four mesmerizing group acts. The announcement of Talent Performance and Best Dressed Award winners added to the excitement.

The event concluded with a grand finale in the Final Lucky Draw Session, where one lucky winner claimed an unforgettable grand prize. A group photo session captured the cherished memories, followed by a free karaoke session for all to unwind and further bond.

CCB Medical Device’s 2023 Annual Dinner was an enchanting experience, celebrating employees’ dedication and fostering unity, joy, and anticipation for the future.